Case Study: Bespoke Software Development Solution

Our online retailer needed a bespoke software for efficiently delivering to customers the products purchased online.
Bespoke software solution displaying graphs and lists on a tablet

The Client

Our client is a fast-growing unique online retailer. In operation for 10 years, their mission is to deliver a unique online sales experience. They are one of the largest players in their market but considering its size, they felt that there was scope to become a leaner and more cost-efficient enterprise.

The Scenario

Our client needed a platform for efficiently delivering to customers the products purchased online, managing spikes in demand due to increased sales and offering a service that matches their customers’ expectations. Their operation was based on paper-based invoicing and used reports taken from Excel, which was adequate to get them to their current commercial position, but was not time-efficient and took unnecessary amounts of resource to manage.
Due to growth with unprecedented demands of online retail during the Covid-19 lockdowns, there was a very clear need to improve operations. Invoices were being missed and bottlenecks in their distribution often led to disgruntled customers. It was decided to deliver a user-focused sales and delivery platform.

What We Did

Our technology solution has streamlined our clients’ operations and improved customer satisfaction, which resulted in a better positioning in a highly competitive market. We are still developing the platform and adding new features on a regular basis to ensure our client maintains their competitive advantage. The key features were:

  • Real-time information and updates so staff can see the whole sales process, from purchase to warehouse picking through to delivery and customer receipt of goods.
  • Administrators can make amendments and updates to the live process, as well as have access to the overall sales reporting functions.
  • A live and accurate sales system for displaying on an office monitor for all to see.
  • It was crucial to also make the application accessible from anywhere, whether that be in the office or on our customer’s sites.

How We Helped

With a track record of building enterprise e-commerce platforms for our customers, we designed a solution that was well-tailored to our client’s needs and helped them build a quick and effective sales and delivery operation. The design used was highly intuitive, responsive, and easy-to-use.

Our customer saw these immediate benefits:

  • Always on solution
  • Remote reporting
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Lower production costs
  • Simple and easy to use app
  • Improved TOI (Transfer of Information)
  • Improved time management
  • More accurate automated billing
  • Greater profitability

If your business needs bespoke software to improve your business efficiency, find out more about our Software Development Services.

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