Internet Connectivity

driving Efficient working & better collaboration

Efficient working, better collaboration and the enablement of cloud technology are all benefits of a fast internet connection. 

We understand how important the right internet connectivity service is for your business and it is very important when implementing cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure and SharePoint. 

Being offline for any amount of time can damage your business or cost you money, that is why we work with you to update your office broadband system, review your existing internet services, and ensure you maximise the benefits of a leased line internet connection.  

Our Internet Connectivity Services

Through our partners, we offer the following internet connectivity services: 

  • Leased lines
  • FTTP business fibre to the premise
  • FTTC business fibre broadband

Internet Connectivity FAQs

We will work with you to make sure your current firewall is robust and a good fit for your requirements. Your firewall is an important factor in your perimeter security so it may be preferable to update this, however if it is of an acceptable spec and age, it may be suitable.

Leased lines tend to be more costly when directly compared to comparative technologies, however they are robust and rarely fail. Should there be an issue with the line then a standard 4-hour fix time applies through our provider so you will be back up and running as soon as possible. Due to this, most businesses can opt to remove secondary/ backup lines to offset the cost of a leased line.

If your existing connection fails often or its performance is not adequate, then it could already be costing you more than a leased line would.

Our IT Security & Communications Services

IT Support Engineer working at a desk on a computer displaying results of IT penetration testing "Cyber Security Automated Vulnerability Scanning"

Infrastructure & Cyber Security

Helping you keep your business network and data secure from cyber security risks.

CCTV cameras on a building corner

CCTV Security Cameras

Providing peace of mind for you, your business property and your staff and clients.

IT Field Engineer entering code at a door entry system

Door Entry Systems

Offering complete flexibility in how and where you answer your visitors’ calls.

IT sales engineer at a desk on the phone to a customer in the South West

VoIP & Phone Systems

Enabling smarter working practices and better collaboration, and connecting you with your customers.

Server with white cables plugged in

Data Cabling & Wi-Fi

Keeping your business connected by designing the perfect wireless system and network data cabling for your business.