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General & Sales Enquiries

If you have any questions regarding Impact IT Solutions or if you would like a quote for one of our IT services, please get in touch.

Support Queries

If you need help with an IT issue, please contact our IT support team.

To help us fix your issue, please give us remote control to your computer by downloading our remote client. Once you have downloaded and run the application, you will be presented with an ID number. Please let us know what this number is so that we can securely connect to your system and fix your problem.

Where we work

We provide IT services to clients across all major cities in the South West and the Midlands, including Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Birmingham and Exeter.

Unit 27B & 28B, Osprey Court

Hawkfield Business Park

Whitchurch, Bristol

BS14 0BB, United Kingdom

Business hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm

Visitors entrance at 28B, Deliveries at 27B

India Branch

Martin Burn Business Park

Block EP-03, 8th floor (805)

Salt Lake, Sector V

Kolkata – 700091, India