Why it’s time to upgrade your IT systems

If your business relies on older IT systems, the chances are you could benefit from an upgrade. Impact share why its time to upgrade your IT.
IT Engineer looking defeated with an open laptop computer in a server room

It’s no secret that technology moves fast. So, if your business is relying on older IT systems and networks, the chances are you could benefit from an upgrade. Your business may be doing just fine on your current network, but upgrading your systems can give your company a competitive edge.

Below, we share why it might be time to upgrade your IT systems.

Your Business is Growing

As your business grows, your IT needs will become more complex and demanding. As you enter a period of rapid growth, it’s important to be confident that your network can support these changes and manage new requirements. Ultimately, you need a network that can support all of the new systems and applications that you need to gain a competitive edge. New software and apps require a robust and powerful network that won’t crash. Upgrading your network ultimately allows your business to provide new services and get more done.

Flexible Working

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, remote working has gone from a benefit to a necessity. Not only does remote working protect your business against lockdowns and restrictions, but there’s also a wealth of evidence to support that employees are happier and more productive when working from home. However, cloud-based and mobile applications may prove problematic for older IT networks. Upgrading your IT, internet connectivity or phone system ensures your business can run smoothly and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Cyber Security

Sadly, cybercrime is on the rise. The UK saw a 31% increase in cybercrime in May-June 2020 alone. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated, so an outdated IT system leaves your business vulnerable. Upgrading your IT network is one of the most effective ways to protect your organisation and keep your data safe. Windows XP and Windows 7 machines are a sign of under-investment in your IT. Why not consider Cyber Essentials to demonstrate your business investment in your IT?

Wasting Time

Your business loses time and money not only to slower network speeds but also to IT maintenance. When you rely on an older network, most of your IT manager’s time is spent putting out fires rather than focusing on growth. A more up-to-date infrastructure will reduce the time spent on troubleshooting and maintenance, permitting greater innovation. No one wants to hear complaints from staff that they can often go and get a coffee whilst their PC is turning on.

Here at Impact IT, our mission is to ensure that your IT runs its best so that it can support your business’ infrastructure. We’re committed to giving your company a competitive edge with our professional and cost-effective IT support. Find out more about our IT Support Services.

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