Donating to St Mungo’s this festive season

We are donating to St Mungo’s instead of sending out Christmas cards!
St Mungo's ending homelessness rebuilding lives Banner

As in previous years, we have decided that instead of posting corporate Christmas cards, we would send our customers a digital greeting. Instead, we’re donating £200 (the money we would spend on Christmas cards and postage) to St Mungo’s, a very worthwhile charity looking after the homeless in our city.

A little bit about St Mungo’s

If you are not already familiar with St Mungo’s, they are one of the leading homelessness charities in the UK. With homelessness on the rise and the extremely cold temperatures, it is a particularly worthy cause to support.

They help people at every stage of recovery from homelessness and are an amazing charity. In 2020/2021, they helped 31,620 people across 207 services, providing accommodation, support, and skills and training services for people who have experienced homelessness.

If you would also like to donate to St Mungo’s, you can use their donation page.

Merry Christmas!

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